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Maths and MagicPentagonal Room
Can you escape from the Pentagonal Room....? Solve the puzzles and collect the crystals to get out...
Enter the world of spies and espionage... even the Enigma code is explained in this new Codebreaking section!
Maths and MagicMaths and Magic
Abracadabra! Confound your friends with mathemagical tricks!
Interesting and unusual activities and ideas...
The Wise Wizz of WooThe Wise Wizz of Woo
An interactive mathematical poem that will help to familiarise children with number names.
The Fabulous Fractal FactoryThe Fabulous Fractal Factory
Explore the wonderful world of fractals in this great interactive applet.
Investigate patterns and learn some great tricks with numbers here...
Origami is a Japanese word that means 'folding paper'. Learn how to make three different models here!
Need to simulate rolling five dice? Flipping 10 coins at a time? No problem - use the Randomiser!
Primes, Factors and DivisibilityPrimes, Factors and Divisibility
What is a prime number? What is the largest known prime? Find out the answers (and more) here...
Learn about numbers, number words, Pi and the Fibonacci series here...
Want to know more about fractions and decimal numbers? How do you convert between the two? Find out here...
Puzzle of the DayPuzzle of the Day
Fancy a quick brainteaser? Have a look at today's puzzle - many more can be found in the archive.
Online StoriesOnline Stories
More fabulous mathematical adventures with the Wise Wizz of Woo and his friends.
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