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Adult Basic Skills Strategy Unit
Adults Learning Mathematics
AIMS Educational Network
American Mathematical Society
Association of Science Education
Association of Teachers of Mathematics
Basic Skills Agency
Cambridge University Mathematics Faculty
Cambridge University Mathematics Society
Campaign For Learning
Centre for the Popularisation of Mathematics
Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
Department for Electronic Education
Department for Education and Employment
University of Edinburgh Maths and Stats Dept
Intermep UK *****
International Centre for Mathematical Sciences
International Mathematics Union
International Statistic Insitute
Learn Direct
Learning and Skills Council
Lifelong Learning
London Mathematical Association
Mathematical Association of America Online
Mathematical Association of Victoria
Mathématiques sans Frontières
The MathSkills Discipline Network
Millenium Maths Project
National Association for Gifted Children
National Association for Teachers of Mathematics
National Curriculum Online **
National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM)
The National Grid for Learning UK *****
The National Numeracy Strategy
The National Organisation for Adult Learning
Northern Ireland Maths Forum
Open University Pure Maths Dept
Oxford University Mathematical Institute
Royal Statistical Society
Times Education Supplement
Universities and Colleges Admission Service
Workplace Basic Skills Network
World Mathematical Year 2000

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