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KaleidoscopeMazeSmaller and smaller mazeCatch the GiantDragon DrawersMystic RoseHow many? How much? 
Catch the Giant!

Player 1 has three dragon counters.
Player 2 has only one giant counter.

Player 1 places his three dragons on the castles (the circles numbered 1, 2 and 3). Player 2 can then place his or her giant on any of the castles numbered 5, 6, 7 or 8. Castle 4 is always vacant at the beginning of a game.

Catch the Giant! HOW TO PLAY
The dragon player starts the game by moving any one dragon from one castle to another castle connected by a line without going through any other castles on the way. (You can use any blue line including those on the outside of the grid)

Catch the Giant!

  • Moving a dragon from 1 to 4 is OK.
  • You cannot move a dragon from 1 to 6 because you would need to go through 4.

Dragons can move forward in a straight line, forward in a diagonal line or from side to side. They cannot move backwards.

The giant moves in the same way as the dragons, but he can also move backwards as well as forwards. Only one piece can occupy a castle at any one time.

When the dragons have forced the giant into castle 8 and he cannot make anymore moves, the dragons have won. The giant is caught and the dragons score 1 point.

If the dragons fail to surround the giant (i.e. even if the move is a repeat move going backwards, forwards or sidewards) the giant wins and scores 1 point.Button If the giant breaks through the dragons, the giant wins and scores 2 points.

The first player to score 15 or more is the winner.

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