A parcel for the odd-bugs

The odd-bugs live in the hollow of an odd tree. The Odd-bugs had an odd tree. The Odd-bugs had an odd number of legs and of course an odd number of feet.

Big-bug came marching in. "Look everyone!" he cried, "it's a parcel all wrapped up in brown paper. The label says it's from Uncle Odd. I wonder what's in it?"

"If you open it," said the littlest odd-bug, "you'll have a pretty good idea."

"I was just about to!" said Big-bug, and he tore off the wrapping.

"It's tea-cups", said the odd-bugs all together, "and saucers."

The odd-bugs busied themselves matching cups to saucers. But only one cup and saucer seemed to match.

Drag the cups onto their matching saucers to work out which cup is missing
It was a cup with 5 spots on and a saucer with 5 spots.

"5 plus 5 makes 10" said little-bug. "The spots on a cup and saucer match when the sum of the spots is 10. How many pairs of cups and saucers are there?"

The odd-bugs began counting spots. Soon there were 5 cups standing on 5 saucers but one saucer, with 10 spots on it, was left all by itself with no cup to match.

The odd-bugs stood about looking glum. They didn't like having one saucer left over.

"I wish Uncle Odd was here," said Blue-bug." "He might have the missing cup..."