On this site you will find two Maths Mysteries: Dottie Double at the Pop Awards and Sam Lava's Space Adventure. In these mysteries, you will find:

  • Dottie and Sam guide the players through the problems.
  • Each set of on-screen activities starts with at least one worked example to give an idea of how the questions work and what players have to do to answer them.
  • Questions for each challenge are given in order of difficulty.
Dottie Double at the Pop Awards
Dottie Double is keeping an eye on the final round of the television show, Chart Idol. The children will help Dottie to keep the competition on track and to find the saboteur.

Challenge 1: Computer conundrum

Challenge 2: Dottie's database

Sam Lava and the Cold Star
Sam is studying the creatures that live on the carefully protected Cold Star when a team of interplanetary poachers land and start to capture the creatures. The children will help to free the creatures and to stop lumberjacks from cutting down the Polar Drizzle Forest.

Challenge 1: Open sesame

Challenge 2: Symmetry power