Maths Mysteries began life as an exciting tour sponsored by the Halifax and Maths Year 2000, visiting 18 primary schools around England during its pilot phase. Children were introduced to a mystery by a team of teacher-actors, and solved the mystery by completing a series of challenges using clues, props and a CD-ROM.

Jelly Beans

The Maths Mysteries programme was then developed by Count On, the continuation of Maths Year 2000, into a stand-alone classroom pack consisting of

  • a teacher's book including an outline of each activity, photocopiable clues, answers, an additional resources list and a National Curriculum/National Numeracy Strategy grid
  • a video featuring a warm-up session, introductions and conclusions to the mysteries and a plenary session
  • a CD-ROM containing the mystery challenges set at two levels: one for years 3 and 4, and one for years 5 and 6.
Sam Lava

There are two Maths Mysteries in the pack: Dottie Double, Private Eye and Sam Lava, Escape from Dinosaur Island. Each mystery begins with a mental maths warm-up and the opening of the mystery on the video. The children then work through five challenges on the CD-ROM. Having completed the challenges, the children return to the video to watch the mystery's conclusion and the plenary session.

The Maths Mysteries CD-ROM pack is available free of charge to teachers in English primary schools.