Follow-up Activities

Database game
With your child, begin by making a database of information about up to six people. They could be members of the family, friends, etc. Find out:

  • date of birth, and age now
  • where they were born
  • measure their hand span - this is the distance between the outstretched little finger and thumb
  • measure the length of their foot
  • favourite shape
  • favourite colour

Make a card for each person to show all the information. You will also need a copy of the original list of information to refer to. One of you becomes the record holder and keeps the cards. The record holder chooses one of the people and the other player has to try to work out who it must be by asking questions, e.g. is the mystery person's hand span between 15 cm and 20 cm long? Is their age rounded to the nearest 10 or 50? If your child is finding it difficult to think of questions to ask, give them statements instead: the mystery person's birthday is in the fourth month of the year.

Database drama
Many collecting cards, e.g. football stickers, have lots of information on them. Use these to play a game like the one detailed above. Alternatively, children can make up a database of their favourite football players, popstars, athletes, etc.