Follow-up activities

Symmetry secrets
This is a game for two players. Each player draws a 10 ´ 10 grid on squared paper and adds a line down the middle. They each secretly draw a pattern on one side of the line, using 10 squares. They take it in turns to guess where the symmetrical squares would be on their own grid. If they are correct they can colour in the square, if they're wrong they mark the square with a cross. The winner is the player to find all 10 symmetrical squares first.
In this game, the player who is checking whether a square is symmetrical to one in their pattern or not is using their understanding of symmetry.

3-D symmetry
A game for two or more players. One player uses Lego or other types of building bricks to make a complex 3-D shape and says which side is facing a mirror. The other players have to make the mirror image of the shape. The first one to do so wins a point. If coloured bricks are used, they must be in the correct positions to make an accurate mirror image.