Printable follow-up activities

Database record
Give each child a copy of the database record sheet and access to rulers, string or tape, scissors. Children fill in details about themselves on the record sheet including the length of their hand span, feet and the distance round their heads. Discuss how they might measure a curve.

Click here to download the Database Record worksheet.

Spy catchers
In groups of up to six, children need copies of their completed database records, the spy catcher sheet, large sheets of newsprint paper or newspaper, card, scissors, rulers, string and Sellotape. Secretly, they choose one of their group to be the spy and they give them a codename. The group uses the measurements from the database record sheet to make the disguise that the spy will wear: a hat, shoes, gloves and belt. When all the groups have finished they put the disguises in the middle of the room. The rest of the class has to try to guess the identity of the spy from the measurements of the clothing.

Click here to download the Spy Catchers worksheet.