Printable follow-up activities

Symmetry greetings
Children can work individually or in pairs. Each pair needs a copy of the Symmetry greetings activity sheet. The sheet contains a grid with a message that is split across two sides of a mirror line. Children have to complete the pattern to read the message. They can make up their own puzzles for friends to solve.

Click here to download the Symmetry Greetings worksheet.

3-D symmetry puzzles
Children work in pairs. Each pair needs a copy of the 3-D symmetry puzzles activity sheet and some cubes that link together. They make a 3-D model following plans given on the sheet and then make its mirror image. They then draw a 3-D puzzle for another pair to try.

Click here to download the 3-D Symmetry Puzzles worksheet.

Symmetrical numbers?
In groups of up to four, children investigate symmetrical and palindromic numbers and their mathematical properties. They need a copy of the Symmetrical numbers activity sheet. Encourage children to think about the differences between pairs of numbers and to extend their range of numbers to those with five or six digits.

Click here to download the Symmetrical Numbers worksheet.