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Click Here for Interactive Exhibit Mancala is one of the oldest games in the world. The game is played by two players, who compete against each other to capture the most stones in their home pit. It has often been called the National Game of Africa, as it is played by hundreds of tribes, most of whom play their own slightly different version and have their own special name for it. Some variants of the name are Wari, Awari, Oware, Ware, and Wouri. Mancala can be played anywhere using whatever may be to hand. African people often play using hollows scooped into the earth and pebbles, rings in the sand and seashells or lines in the dirt and seeds. There is evidence from temple carvings that the game was played in the Egypt of the Pharaohs at least 3000 years ago. In addition to being widespread over the African continent today, it is also popular in many parts of Asia and throughout the Caribbean.
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