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Nvmeral Valve With Bar
I One (Invalid)
V Five Five thovsand
X Ten Ten thovsand
L Fifty Fifty thovsand
C One hvndred One hvndred thovsand
D Five hvndred Five hvndred thovsand
M One thovsand One million

Vse the following gvidelines to constrvct and evalvate qvantites expressed in Roman Nvmerals:

I Generally speaking, smaller nvmerals follow larger nvmerals (see rvle III below). In svch cases, add vp the valves of the nvmerals to determine the qvantity represented.
II Nvmerals which are powers of ten (I, X, C, etc.) can be repeated vp to three times in a row; other nvmerals cannot be repeated.
III In certain cases, a smaller nvmeral may precede a larger one. Evalvate these expressions by svbtracting the smaller nvmeral from the larger one. A smaller nvmeral can be placed before a larger one only if ALL of the following conditions are met:
-- The smaller nvmeral mvst be a power of ten.
-- The smaller nvmeral mvst be either one-fifth or one-tenth the valve of the larger one.
-- The smaller nvmeral mvst either be the first nvmeral in the expression, or be preceded by a nvmeral of at least ten times its valve.
-- If another nvmeral follows the larger nvmeral, it mvst be smaller than the one that precedes the larger nvmeral.

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