Count On


Ilan Samson's step by step analysis of 22 basic but common errors made in mathematics; why mistakes are made and how they can be avoided by a better understanding.
KS3 Maths FrameworkKS3 Maths Framework
Downloadable version of the entire Key Stage 3 Mathematics Framework in pdf format.
Maths PerformersMaths Performers
The definitive guide to maths performers available to hire for your maths event.
Numeracy FrameworkNumeracy Framework
Downloadable PDF files outlining the key objectives of the National Numeracy Strategy and providing teaching programmes and planning grids up to and including Key Stage 2.
Adult Numeracy Core CurriculumAdult Numeracy Core Curriculum
The new adult literacy and numeracy core curriculum is central to the adult basic skills national strategy. It sets out the content of what should be taught in literacy and numeracy programmes in any context.
Leading Maths TeachersLeading Maths Teachers
Download the LMTs handbook for information and advice for teachers on preparing and teaching demonstration lessons.
Summer NumeracySummer Numeracy
Contains guidance for providers of summer numeracy schools targeted at 11-year olds who have not reached level 4 in the National Curriculum Key Stage at the end of primary schooling.
PR ToolkitPR Toolkit
How to promote your school's good news maths stories to the media, and celebrate their achievements with children and parents.
It all adds upIt all adds up
A brochure for parents' who want to help primary aged children improve their maths skills, full of practical tips, advice and answers to parents' FAQs.
Mathematical Association ResourcesMathematical Association Resources
Some useful resources based on a selection of the Mathematical Association's publications aimed at teachers in both primary and secondary schools.
Top JobsTop Jobs
Discover how maths helps all sorts of people in their career - from DJs to engineers. You can also find contact details of careers centres or download a celebrity screensaver.
For further information visit the NCETM website

For further information visit the NCETM website