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Adult Numeracy Core Curriculum

The new adult literacy and numeracy core curriculum is central to the adult basic skills national strategy. It sets out the entitlement to learning for all adults who have difficulties with literacy and numeracy. It describes the content of what should be taught in literacy and numeracy programmes in: further and adult education; the workplace an programmes for the unemployed; prisons; community-based and family literacy and numeracy programmes. It assists teachers to meet the individual needs of adults through the selection and teaching of skills appropriate to those adults' needs.

The core curriculum has been written primarily for use by adult literacy and numeracy teachers and tutors. However, it will be an important document for programme managers and developers, for those involved in research and for a wider group of those bodies and individuals that are increasingly concerned with the literacy and numeracy agenda.

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Adult Numeracy Core Curriculum

More information about Adult Numeracy and other publications is available from the Basic Skills Agency website.

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