Count On


The need to promote your school

For many schools, the only link with the media is through advertising, or filling a vacancy. But this should not be the case. Promoting your school to parents, children, the local and business communities is an essential feature of managing and leading a modern school. Your school's achievements are the real issues but these can be lost in negative images and perceptions. Managing good media coverage can be the difference between parents and the local community perceiving your school negatively and positively. The wider community's perception will be largely determined by it. Being pro-active in managing good news stories can not only bring positive attention to your school but can also have substantial tangible benefits. They can:

  • improve school ethos and pride;
  • attract prospective parents and pupils;
  • reward and celebrate the work of particular children, teachers and parents;
  • contribute to a sense of school community;
  • attract prospective staff;
  • attract business community partners.

Establishing a positive image for your school will also help offset the damage of any single negative incident that may arise later.

Promoting your school positively through the media is essential if your school is to develop and thrive.