Count On


How to put your school's good news in the media

Stories submitted to your local media are more likely to be used if they feature a strong element of local and human interest.

Angles and ideas for media stories and features can include:

Profiles: for example:

  • An interview with the Headteacher on why you became involved with Count On;
    • You wanted to get parents involved in maths homework?
    • You wanted to launch a Maths Club or maths trail?
    • You wanted to tackle boys underachievement in maths?
    • You wanted to involve a local business in a maths project?
  • Include:
    • what are the aims of your project or idea?
    • who is involved, how does it work?
    • what have been the gains so far?
  • Other profile ideas could be:
    • Talking to a Parents Family Numeracy Group;
    • Welcoming the school's new Maths Co-ordinator;
    • The PTA's fund raising for maths equipment;
    • Parents success in a token collection scheme.

Photo-opportunities: for example:

  • opening new facilities such as a new maths or computer room;
  • purchase of new maths resources and equipment in classrooms or the school grounds;
  • Family Maths Evenings;
    • Parents having fun with their children learning practical maths;
    • Parents and children following a maths trail in the school grounds or local park
  • Class visit to museum, gallery or historical site highlighting a maths angle;
    • Children following a maths trail around a musueum;
    • Children studying the maths of the Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Elizabethans, Victorians;
    • Children holding/studying historical maths artefacts;
    • Children studying the "Golden Rectangle" in pictures in a local gallery
  • VIP visits:
    • Local MP "goes back to school" to do some maths;
    • Local Mayor or Councillor congratulates Year 6 on SAT's results;
    • Local dignatory or celebrity presents new computer or maths software to the school
  • awards and other ceremonies:
    • winners of the Maths Marathon Times Tables Competition;
    • launch of the Chess Club/Board Games Club

Achievements and success stories: For example:

  • The School's Maths Week;
  • Tokens collected for redemption scheme;
  • One year down the road with the National Numeracy Strategy;
  • a first: eg; ability group setting of Year 6 children for Maths;
  • child achieves Level 6 in KS2 SAT's;

A 'day-in-the-life' of a member of staff: For example:

  • the maths special needs assistant or teaching assistant;
    • this could include, for instance, their progress or training and how maths has made a difference to their quality of life/career.

A local radio phone-in: You may wish to appoint "an authority" on a subject who is prepared to talk to the press, radio or tv about a particular subject or area of the school. For example:

  • an aspect of your involvement in Count On;
    • the importance of improving numeracy skills for employment prospects;
    • advice for parents on helping children with maths homework;
    • how parents can improve their own numeracy by doing maths with their children;
    • schools getting involved in business partnerships for Count On

Remember: make sure your parents, local agencies, businesses or other clients are happy to participate in your publicity if you intend to use case studies.