How To Use This Online Sudoku

Choose Difficulty

You can choose between five levels of complexity ranging from very easy to very hard. Select the level you prefer by clicking on the related link.

You can select your level of difficulty each time you begin a new game.

Input Method

Enter the numbers from the keyboard.

Daily Sudoku

Click on the "Daily Sudoku" link to play the today’s Sudoku.

Sudoku by ID

Each Sudoku contains an ID number; therefore you can come back later to the same Sudoku and play it again.

You will be required to enter the Sudoku ID in the input field to return to that game, however, your progress will not be saved.


Tip: You can submit an incomplete solution and all correct squares will be highlighted.

When you are ready to submit your solution, click on the “Submit” button. You will be able to see witch answers are correct and which ones are incorrect.

When clicking on the button, a pop up window opens to make sure you are ready to submit.

Show Hint

Click on the "Show Hint" button for a hint. Each time you click on the button, a new number will fill a cell.

Show Solution

See the solved Sudoku Puzzle.

Printable Version

Tip: If you don't finish your Sudoku online you can print it out to complete on the way home.

Click on the "Printable Version" link to go to a printable version of the Sudoku puzzle.

You are allowed to print both a new Sudoku and a solved one; you can also print a Sudoku showing your progress (so that you can finish the puzzle offline).

Email Sudoku to a friend

Click on the link to email a selected puzzle to a friend.

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