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Issue 1 - July 2000

Seaman needs to be a mathsman

David Seaman This research may be too late to keep England in the Euro 2000 championships but it may help future goalkeepers facing a penalty kick.

Scientists suggest that David Seaman and Nigel Martyn should work hard at their geometry for part of their training.

The key to saving a penalty is to look at the angle of the kicker's hips, according to Mark Williams of Liverpool's John Moores University.

If the penalty-taker is right-footed and his hips are square to the goal then the ball will travel to the keeper's right. If the right hip is angled away from the keeper the ball will go to the goalie's left.

But, according to New Scientist Magazine, Canadian scientists believe keepers should look at the kicker's legs as the ball is struck. They found eight in ten kicks went in the direction the non-kicking foot was pointing.

SumSport suggests that the England team get their maths books out and do a bit of studying now that they have some spare time on their hands.

The Metro Newspaper, Picture: Graham Chadwick/Allsport

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