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Issue 3 - September 2000

Brit girls lead in maths

Brit girls lead in maths BRITISH schoolgirls are showing the way for their American counterparts by beating the boys at maths.

Figures just out reveal that girls in this country are doing better than boys in maths, overturning the view that they aren't as strong in science-based areas.

The boost for female number-crunchers comes hot on the heels of a devastating investigation across the Atlantic into why American schoolgirls are flunking the subject.

The study, by a top professor at California State University, blames a number of factors for girls not excelling in maths at school, and therefore women's scarcity in related industries.

Prof Helen Kennedy blasts: "Teachers give boys preferential treatment in school...they are given more constructive criticism of their work and are treated more tolerantly than girls during outbursts of temper or resistance."

She also blames expectations of women's roles in society and parents' actions.

by Oliver Lewis


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