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Issue 4 - October 2000

Bobby's Tops... And Tails

Bobby's Tops... And Tails A TEENAGER with a passion for maths has swapped his inner London comprehensive for leafy Eton College after winning a coveted scholarship.

Bobby Jose, 16, the son of Indian immigrants, will now don the traditional pinstripe and tailcoat and rub shoulders with the likes of Prince Harry and the children of some of the country's most influential people.

Bobby, nicknamed, 'the Seagull' after a book character who had huge ambition and determination, won the scholarship after gaining nine starred A grades and one regular A in his GCSEs at St Bonaventure's School in Forest Gate, east London.

His parents Jo and Jamma are paying £150 per term to send him to the Berkshire school, where the standard fees are nearly £14,000 per year.

Bobby is studying A-levels in maths, further maths, physics and history and plans to take a maths degree at Cambridge.

But his love of numbers doesn't stop there - he wants to become an accountant when he graduates.

Bobby is apparently loving his first term and recently told a local newspaper: "Opportunities like this don't come along very often. The people there were very welcoming. They didn't look down at me, and always pointed me in the right direction."

The award of the scholarship is the latest in a run of successes for Bobby's old school, which has been in the top 50 most improved schools in each of the last three years.

St Bonaventure's head teacher Sir Michael Wilshaw is credited with transforming its performance since he took over in 1985.

Only eight per cent of pupils gained five A-C grade GCSEs in 1988, compared to 64 per cent this year.

Source: The Guardian

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