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Issue 5 - Christmas 2000

A noval look at history

A noval look at history THE history of maths, from Babylonian clay counting to wired wizardry, has been documented in a new book.

Author Richard Mankiewicz has produced an innovative reworking of the subject, in a bid to renew interest in it.

His book, The Story of Mathematics, is a fully illustrated history which shows how the subject has influenced the world's greatest civilisations.

Readers are taken on a journey through time which starts in Greece at Plato's Academy, and continues through to the present day.

Mr Mankiewicz said: "I wanted to present a chronicle of maths in a different way, to make the book highly visual rather than full of equations and formulas which people can find off-putting."

Its engaging style has been well received and Richard has made a TV appearance with popular maths TV presenter Johnny Ball on BBC1's Breakfast News programme.

He has also attracted the attention of Sky TV and Melvyn Bragg's BBC Radio 4 programme, In Our Time.

The book was launched at Middlesex University's Trent Park campus last month.

Mr Mankiewicz is a research associate of Middlesex University's School of Lifelong Learning and Education.

Source: Middlesex University

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