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Issue 8 - Christmas 2001

BBC goes to record depths

BBC goes to record depths The BBC has produced a record breaking new nature documentary which pulls nearly as many viewers as Eastenders. Blue Planet has had the nation glued to their sets to watch life under the surface of the ocean, pulling audiences of around 12 million every week.

Narrated by everyone's favourite nature guy, David Attenborough, the documentary took 5 years to make and cost millions of pounds. During the filming, 4 new species were discovered and most of these were deep sea creatures.

Some of the manned vessels used for filming went to depths of over 1000 meters. Only a handful of diving craft exist that can take humans this deep (only Sperm whales and a few other creatures can dive down that deep). They can't go any deeper because of the water pressure. From the surface down to 10 meters, the pressure doubles, but at 100 m the pressure is x10, and at 5010m it is pressure x501.

Most people with scuba gear on can only go down to around 30 metres and although the pressure increases at a slower rate the deeper you go, without a pressure controlled vessel people would be crushed at 1000m. One remote controlled vessel has gone down to depths of 4500m but no vessel has been able to go to the bottom of Mariana trench - at 11,022m it is the deepest part of the whole ocean. Can you calculate what the pressure would be at the bottom of the trench?

The Deep Sea makes up a staggering 80% of volume of space on the earth but only 1% of it has been explored. So far the 230,000 marine species discovered make up a mere 9% of the 1.5 million species on the earth. With 79% of the ocean still left to be looked into, we reckon there's plenty more fish in the sea.

Source: The Metro Newspaper

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BBC goes to record depths

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