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Issue 14 - Oct 2005

Ringtones generated by Maths

Paul Klee Fugue in RedA British mathematician is offering online musical resources to instantly generate a unique, 30-second ringtone.

WolframTones, "an experiment in a new kind of music", applies Wolfram's discoveries to the creation of music. Everything it generates is original.

"Each composition is produced by running a program found by searching the computational universe, taking the pattern the program produces, and converting it to a musical score", Wolfram says.

WolframTones uses a type of program known as a one-dimensional cellular automaton, or Wolfram automaton, studied by Stephen Wolfram since the early 1980s.

The followings are all compositions generated by Wolfram Tones algorithms ( ):

Classical | 31.1226783787.14984208 | piano, strings

Latin | 31.929194033.152101

Jazz | 110.3811477902.74875




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Ringtones Generated by Maths

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