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Issue 14 - Oct 2005

The Magic of Vedic Maths

vedic mathsDo you want to crack the square of 85 in less than a second? Try with Vedic Maths, a science derived from Atharva Veda, the last of the Vedas.

Vedic arithmetic shortcuts can help you to solve virtually any mathematical problem - arithmetic, algebra, geometry or trigonometry.

The square of 85 is 7,225. How can you get the result? Read the following example:

To find the square of any number ending with 5, just put 25 on the right-hand side. Then take the number that precedes five. In this case it is 8. Add 1 to it. So in this case it becomes 9. Multiply 8 and 9. You get 72. 7,225 is the square of 85.

This unique technique of calculations is based on simple rules and principles. Vedic Math has 16 brief formulas in Sanskrit called sutras, describing natural ways of solving a whole range of mathematical problems.


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The Magic of Vedic Maths

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