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Issue 15 - Nov 2005

the music of math!

klein four group

Klein Four is an a capella group made up of five (despite the name) mathematics students at Northwestern University: Matt Salomone, Clark Alexander, Mike Johnson, Kal Nanes, and Scott Bailey.

All Klein Four`s songs are related to maths; they are particularly noted for "Finite Simple Group (of Order Two)" and Mathematical Paradise (After "Gangsta's Paradise " by Coolio).

The group formed in late 2003, starting just for fun; but their humorous maths songs made them famous and now they are followed by a dedicated and fast-growing audience. They even have an online store.

All of the members have musical backgrounds. Their first performance was at a math department talent show. On May 2005 they were featured on the Wikipedia on line encyclopaedia. They also were invited to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' September 2006 conference.

They have just released their first CD, Musical Fruitcake, "a melange of ten original and four parody songs tinged with the best of mathematics and musicality", they say.

The group name is taken from the Klein four-group, a mathematical finite group (named after the German mathematicians Felix Christian Klein).

Klein Four's web site:



Ali Hollenbeck, The Daily Northwestern

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