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Issue 16 - Dec 2005

sudoku to save maths?

sudoku puzzle

According to a recent article by Roger Highfield (the Science Editor of the Daily Telegraph newspaper) The Current Sudoku Craze might be just what is needed to 'revive interest in mathematics'

Highfield reports that according to Sir Michael Atiyah (The UK's top mathematician.), sudoku could very well spark a fresh interest in mathematics among young people.

A winner of the Abel Prize, (the 'Maths Nobel Prize') Sir Micheal believes that the hugely popular japanese number puzzle could revive an interest in all things mathematical, which he feels may have been missing in recent years among many school children.

Although in comparison to Sir Michael's own mathematical theories and writings (such as the "Atiyah-Singer index theorem" which is said by many to be a landmark in mathematical thinking), sudoku may seem insignificant, he suggests that it is quite possible it will rekindle an interest in the whole subject of maths for school children.

As Sir Micheal says; "All kinds of mathematical games are a good thing."

Source Material:
'Sudoku craze 'could revive interest in mathematics' an artical by Roger Highfield, Science Editor of the Daily Telegraph

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